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Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

Welcome to Wowimages!

Before you visit to wowimages or post any album on wowimages, you must read, understand and agree these wowimages terms of use and any future amendments. The term “wowimages” or "wowimages.info" or “us” or “we” or “our” refers to owner of wowimages.info. The term “you” or “your” refers to the user or viewer of wowimages.info.

1. Your Acceptance

These Terms apply to your use of the wowimages.info website and all services available from it. If you do not agree to any of the terms, please do not use this site.

We may amend this Agreement at any time without specific notice to you. Although we may attempt to notify you when major changes are made to these Terms of Service. But it is your responsibility to review the most up-to-date version periodically and prior to using our site.

2. Album Posting Policy

We may or may not moderate albums posted by you, But it will not be true for all time that all albums posted by you will be published on site. We may delete or discard albums if it is not following our policies.

All Images must be with some information or entertainment. It should force viewer to say 'wow'.

We will not allow any adult or pornographic images on our site. Also we are not interested in models, actors, actress or celebrities images.

Also we will not allow images, which are copyrighted by any individual or company. However we might not know time of publishing about copyrighted images but as soon as we will receive complain and that complain is proved then we will immediately delete your album.

3. Site User Policy

All Images on our site is for fun any enjoyment, we are not responsible for any harm to you because of taking any of image as seriously.

Also other user from wide community of this great world shares images on our site. We always try to monitor all copyright violation issues and adult or other type of harmful issues but still site is used by big community we can not monitor all content of site. So If you feel any copyright violation of your content please contact us and we will look on your query and will take necessary steps.

Our site is not for less than 13 years old human being.

Once any material is posted on our site we deserve right to own it. So we strictly prohibits for copy of out content in any media. Person copying our content will be prosecuted.

We allows you to download all funny albums which are posted on our site. But downloadable formate for our albums is hosted on free file hosting service. We never maintain content of free file hosting service provide. So we are not responsible for any issue with free file hosting providers. PLUS you are agree to follow all terms and policy of free file hosting provider website if you want to download files from their site.

4.  Legal Compliance

You agree to comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding your use of the Site and the Content and Materials provided therein.

5. Blocking of IP Addresses.

We reserve the right at any time and at our sole discretion to block registered and/or non-registered  users from certain IP addresses from accessing the Website.

6. Linking to the Site

You may provide links to the Site, provided (a) that you do not remove or obscure, by framing or otherwise, advertisements, the copyright notice, or other notices on the Site, (b) your site does not engage in illegal or pornographic activities, and (c) you discontinue providing links to the Site immediately upon request by us.

7. Our Advertiser's Policy

You will see various Ads from different advertisers on our site. You need to agree following terms related to Ads on our site. (a) We never analyze content and service of advertiser, it is your responsibility to verify advertiser site before making any order purchase and use. (b) Sometimes advertiser sites may be harmful to your computer so it is your responsibility to verify advertiser site before visiting it. (c) For now we have Google Adsense is main advertising campaign, you must agree all privacy policy and cookie storage policy from Google Adsense. You must agree Google Adsense Policy from here https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=100557